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Foxdrive Plus Transplanter

The seedling clamp of the foxdrive plus transplanter is installed on the chain. Seedlings are placed on the chain clamp artificially, then the seedlings will be inserted into the ditch when the chain transported them at a position vertical to the ground. The soil will be covered and pressed after this procedure.

Doxdrive plus transplanter integrates ditching, planting, covering soil, pressing and watering in one. It can be used to grow sweet potato, rape, tobacco and other cash crops.

    1. 2CGF Foxdrive Plus Transplanter
    2. 2CGF Foxdrive Plus Transplanter High efficiency: This transplanter is twice as efficient as conventional mechanized transplanting and 10 times as efficient as manual transplanting, which can help you save costs.
    1. 2ZQ-4 Foxdrive Plus Transplanter
    2. 2ZQ-4 Foxdrive Plus Transplanter Good adaptability: both bare root seedlings and bowl seedlings can be transplanted; row spacing, inter-plant spacing, planting depth, row number can be adjusted according...
    1. 2ZL-2 Foxdrive Plus Transplanter
    2. 2ZL-2 Foxdrive Plus Transplanter Thefoxdrive plus transplanter is easy to repair with a modular structure composed of units. The transplanter uses advanced covering devices to ensure even soil covering.

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