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We are a machinery solutions provider for paddy field and dryland transplanters.

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For rice transplanter users
  • Our company has many years of experience in developing solutions for mechanized rice planting. We can provide you with seedling raising methods suitable for the agronomic conditions and methods used in different countries. We have successfully helped farmers in Indonesia, India, and other countries to solve problems faced in seedling growing.
  • We can provide you with a variety of products to meet your individualized needs. We offer walking type and riding type transplanters, which are suitable for different size fields. They can be used for 20 cm, 23.8 cm, 25 cm, 30 cm and other row spacing options.
  • If the existing product specifications do not meet your requirements, we can also customize equipment just for you.
  • Our company began to sell products in foreign markets in 2007, and accumulated significant experience. Therefore, we can provide you with training in operation, maintenance and other aspects of our equipment to optimize your farming operation. We also have a training base for transplanters for the Chinese government, and it has trained more than 200 maintenance service personnel for transplanters around the world.
  • We can provide professional technical engineers to go to your site for guidance and training for high quality planting.
For transplanter users
  • Our transplanters can transplant more than 30 varieties of crops like sweet potatos, pineapples, sugarcane, cassava and so on.
  • It can transplant bare root seedlings and potted seedlings (without soil and with soil seedlings) of 9-40cm height.
  • Can transplant on flat land and hills.
  • The transplanter has multiple-functions including simultaneous fertilization, ridging, watering and other operations to improve your work efficiency.
  • Our R&D team can develop customized products to handle different varieties and requirements of crops planted in different countries
  • Considering that planting is a systematic project, our company can provide you with a comprehensive mechanized crop planting solution.
  • We can provide technical engineers to visit your location for guidance and training when planting.
Strong R&D ability

We have established the Jiangsu Rice and Dryland Crop Research and Development Center jointly with many comprehensive universities in China. We also have a professional and efficient technical team with 56 R&D personnel, including 6 Master’s students and 2 external experts in the field of agricultural machinery. Our company has nearly 40 patented technologies and more than 20 years of industry experience, so we can develop machines and provide mechanized solutions for you according to your special agronomic requirements.

Our factory is outfitted with industry leading CNC processing equipment and automatic complete machine testing equipment. We have a flexible assembly line to meet the special needs of our customers in the agricultural industry.

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