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Agricultural Machinery

Agricultural Machinery, Farm Implement

We can not only provide you with rice transplanters and transplanters, but also other agricultural machinery like rotavator, auger etc.to improve the work efficiency.

    1. Rotavator
    2. Rotavator Time saving: the rotavator uses multi-operation technology to complete rotary tillage, soil crushing, beating and leveling at one time, which saves your time.
    1. Tree Planting Augers
    2. Tree Planting Augers Convenient maintenance: The drilling platform is powered by a light gasoline engine, which simplifies the transmission structure and makes it easy for you to maintain.
    1. Flail Shredders
    2. Flail Shredders The crushing knife is arranged corresponding to the shape of ridge, which makes the vines in ridge surface and bottom crushed at one time and improved vines crushing rate.

As an agricultural machinery manufacturer with 20 years of industry experience, we are able to solve various problems. Please contact us if there are any other requirements.

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