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Rice Hill-Drop Drilling

Rice hill-drop drilling machine is an agricultural machinery transplanting RICE seeds at an arranged raw spacing and plant spacing. The machine is composed of rack, seed hopper, metering system, chisel opener, soil covering suppression device etc.

The raw spacing, plant spacing and seeding amount all can be adjusted according to your needs. As an agricultural machine manufacturer with 20 years of industry experience, we have the ability to recommend you with suitable rice hill-drop drilling machine.

    1. 2BDZ-10 Rice Hill-Drop Drilling
    2. 2BDZ-10 Rice Hill-Drop Drilling The machine will discharge seeds evenly, leading to a good ventilation and light transmission condition, which contributes to a strong lodging resistance and high productivity;
    1. 2BDX-10 Rice Hill-Drop Drilling
    2. 2BDX-10 Rice Hill-Drop Drilling High productivity: The Agricultural machine can seed evenly, leading to a good ventilation and light transmission performance, which ensures a high yield;
    1. 2BD-8 Rice Hill-Drop Drilling
    2. 2BD-8 Rice Hill-Drop Drilling The speed of the rice hill-drop drilling machine can be controlled through the motor to meet the correct hill seeding rate. The machine adopts sliding rollers, which can be fine-tuned.

Relying on outstanding design and production strengths, we are one of China’s leading manufacturers of agricultural equipment. We have a factory outfitted with farm machinery production equipment, experienced workers, and expert engineers specializing in the design of farm equipment. All our agricultural equipment is designed and produced according to the farmers’ needs. Our products, including planting machines and harvesting machines are easy to operate, efficient, and durable.

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