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Baby Compact Transplanter

Baby compact transplanter adopts a modular structure, each unit can complete the planting work independently, making a convenient maintenance. Hole opening, seedling transplanting and soil covering are completed at one time using this machine, which leads to a low rate of seedling injury and 4-8 times higher efficiency compares to artificial transplanting. This transplanter can transplant many kinds of potted seedlings, such as tomatoes, peppers, tobacco, vegetables and other cash crops.

    1. 2ZBX Baby Compact Transplanter
    2. 2ZBX Baby Compact Transplanter Convenient maintenance: the baby compact tansplanter adopts modular structure, and each unit can complete the work independently, which is convenient for maintenance.
    1. 2ZB-1 Baby Compact Transplanter
    2. 2ZB-1 Baby Compact Transplanter Baby compact transplanter is 4-6 times more efficient than manual transplanter. High survival rate: the seedlings can be hardly injured and have good verticality using this machine.

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