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Vegetable Harvester

FLW vegetable harvester is a baby leafy vegetable harvester specially designed for agriculture by Nantong Provincial Mechanical and Electrical Technology Co., Ltd., Nantong FLW Agricultural Company, Nanjing Agricultural Mechanization Research Institute of Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, and Jiangsu Crop Transplanting Mechanization Engineering Technology Research Center. It can also be used for field operation.

The leafy greens harvester is designed to save labor, equipped with 1.2m conveyor track and 48V walking motor drive. Crop separating, cutting, conveying and machine walking are independently controlled. Adjustable cutter height allows for the cutting of erectly growing and lodging stem and leafy vegetables, without manual picking up. It offers low labor intensity and high efficiency, covering at least 5-20 labors.

Vegetable harvester can be used to harvest Chinese little greens, brassica chinensis, lettuce, Chrysanthemum, vine, amaranth, spinach, sweet potato leaves and other leafy greens. Our vegetable harvesting equipment has been sold to Shanghai, Beijing, Hebei, Jiangsu, Hubei, Jiangxi, Zhejiang, Anhui, and exported to America, Italy, Ukraine, Nigeria, etc.

    1. 4UM-120 Vegetable Harvester
    2. 4UM-120 Vegetable Harvester The electrically driven leafy greens harvester allows for cutting close to the ground or off the ground. Both erectly growing and...
    1. 4UM-120A Vegetable Harvester
    2. 4UM-120A Vegetable Harvester 4UM-120A Vegetable harvester allows for cutting leafy greens by digging into the soil and the harvested vegetables do not scatter.
    1. 4UM-120C Vegetable Harvester
    2. 4UM-120C Vegetable Harvester 4UM-120C Vegetable harvester is upgraded based on 4UM-120A, which is equipped with mesh conveyor belt, harvesting the vegetation...
    1. 4UM-120D Vegetable Harvester
    2. 4UM-120D Vegetable Harvester Automatic profiling of header height allows for the automatic adjusting of header height according to the height of the ground...
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