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Root Crop Harvester

Our root crop harvester can harvest all kinds of root crops.

    1. 4UG Root Crop Harvester
    2. 4UG Root Crop Harvester Two-stage vibratory conveyor are used to separate potato and soil quickly. Root crop harvester adopts inclined vertical ridge breaker with small move on resistance.
    1. 4UGL-2 Root Crop Harvester
    2. 4UGL-2 Root Crop Harvester The root crop harvester is simple in structure, low in potato injury rate and easy to maintain. The digging plough has adjustable penetration angle and low resistance when harvesting.
    1. 4JUF-2 Root Crop Harvester
    2. 4JUF-2 Root Crop Harvester The crushing knife is arranged corresponding to the ridge, and the vines in ridge surface and bottom can be crushed at one time, leading to a high crushing rate.

As an agricultural machinery manufacturer with 20 years of industry experience, we can provide the following root crop harvesters.

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